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Hmmm... been trying to figure out a way to bring multiple Madden lgs under one umbrella and I think I've finally hit payola! Our site has a 'Group' page and anyone can register their league under it. Any member of a group can create a league name but the person who does it is dubbed the admin and he/ she will be in charge of who can join or not. Not to mention content that can be posted on page. Why the interest in multiple lgs now? Well with the launch of M'15 we'll be tracking stats and referring visitors to lgs that are better suited to them.

G4R already has seasonal payouts and we're looking to add a cpl more lgs to the payroll. We'll also have contests for lgs most active! All ya have to do is click on "Link" and we'll handle the rest. If ya have an active lg and need members…

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It's epic, it's groundbreaking and it's the be all, end all for Madden enthusiasts come this Fall. It's really hard to describe what we'll be launching without someone scooping us so everyone will just have to wait. The few details I can leak are: Only one other person has been able to pull this off and we'll be incorporating his services to help in this project. Dozens of players will be online daily cramming to participate. ... see article

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