Facebook Got Talent

This is a page/ site that features up and coming artists in various fields who feature their works on Facebook. It's titled Facebook Got Talent and is in the early stages but has over 3k members already. It appears to be geared for musicians but don't quote me on that. I'm associated with the creator and will have more info on this project over the coming months. From what I've seen thus far it looks impressive!  -2 Centz

Lady Gaga

Love this version of 'Poker Face'! I'm a musician and can appreciate this version haha. Team G4R is really hoping to land an interview with Lady Gaga sometime over the next cpl of months via podcast and everything looks to be in order. Stay tuned as we'll have all the info and dates posted soon.

- 2 Centz


Lega-C! Get familiar with this name. She's an underground rapper from the mid-west and is breaking the mold in this genre. Her background is riddled with hardship, thugs, health problems and blackmail (it involved porn), still she perseveres.

Team G4R has been following her career for 3yrs now and glad to bring our followers some tidbits on her. "White girl raps fast" was the You-tube vid nearly 3yrs ago that launched her into the spotlight! A podcast is in the works and maybe a lucky fan will be able to call in and chat with her!


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  • When will Madden fix this issue!?

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Got Madden!?

Links to our recommended sites are listed below. We award money and prizes to Superbowl winners in a cpl of them. Hang loose as we'll have vids, stats, updates and other exciting news regarding these leagues.

G4R 25

True 32

Legends of the Fall

The Big League


Mailman Rant

Episode #64 ... Happy Monday

America's favorite mailman haha. We'll have weekly rants by this guy as he says what most of us are thinking. Too funny!